We do not just sell cranes. We want to be your consultants, sort out your needs. Our aim is to offer you the best answer, with which you can work more effectively and at the best price.

The following questionnaire helps us to advise you on choosing the best crane for your job. First, we look among our standard units to find the answer for you and only then, as a second stage, will we offer you an individual solution. You do not need to search through our whole range of products and become an expert on cranes!

Our standard and special cranes

Our customers come from a broad variety of industries, so that in some cases we have had to adapt our cranes to their individual requirements. This means, for example, crane systems for transporting people or special cranes for cleaning trains.

Simply send us a description of the work you need to do and your request for a crane: we will find the right device for you free of charge and make some suggestions.

The interactive form on the setting up of cranes asks you the essential questions and allows you to specify your additional needs and send photos or diagrams. Your application is completed with just a few clicks!

If you prefer, you can download the form in format pdf and send it to us by email when it is ready.

Your crane, made to measure

The options marked with * indicate essential information needed to process the form.

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