Workshop cranes

Mobile workshop cranes are industrial machines designed for use in workshops in manufacturing industry or in repair and service enterprises, where loads are lifted from above by means of a hook.

In the standard version, the crane’s load capacity reduces as the telescopic jib is extended so as to increase its reach. In contrast to the forklift truck, the crane describes an arc as the jib lifts, so that it produces a unique combination of elevation and reach.

Do you need to lift heavy loads? There’s not much space or you need to deal with great heights? The load is at the bottom and you have to reach it through a window on the machine? Your ceiling height is low? You need to change a tool on a machine that is on a pedestal? We have the workshop crane that will do the job for you!

Whether you want to operate the crane manually or by electricity, or if it has to be rigid or swivelling, or it has to work in an area protected against explosion, in the chemical industry or in the food industry. Whether it’s a question of industrial or light equipment, or of counterweight cranes or with stabilising legs. Or cranes for assembly and swivelling. With us you will find the finest range of workshop cranes in Europe. We will be delighted to advise you on your choice. Our brands HYDROBULL and Elektrobull are synonyms for experience and quality.

Use our interactive setup tool to choose the workshop crane that’s best for you. If you prefer, you can download and send us the questionnaire ‘Your crane, made to measure’. We will check, free of charge, to see which the best answer is for you, always selecting from our standard programme first. If you wish, we can also offer you personalised solutions.

We deal with the design, development, construction and maintenance of our Hydrobull and Elektrobull workshop cranes. We have been in crane technology since the beginning.

Consult the list of FAQs that our customers ask us, and also a glossary of technical terms, in normal use in the field of workshop cranes.

If you need more information on the features of our machines, you can find it in technical information on our cranes.


Sample of the broad range of standard Hydrobull and Elektrobull workshop cranes available.