Production plant in Germany
Dynalserg is an enterprise in expansion in the fields of lifting, logistics and maintenance, with headquarters in Barcelona. Our principal field of work is centred on advice, manufacture, marketing and the exclusive distribution for English, French, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries of solutions of recognised worldwide prestige in special equipment for the lifting and handling of loads.

Innovative solutions, careful details and the most reliable construction techniques are typical of Dynalserg products for moving loads.

Whether it is for an individual installation or a unit to be integrated into a production chain, Dynalserg is your provider of confidence.

Special finishes and custom built solutions to your needs

With Dynalserg you can always be sure!

Quality is not just a word for us
Technical knowledge and competence are the pillars of our production plants, located in Germany and Sweden. Our products reflect our 30 years’ experience in manufacturing technical installations for lifting. To satisfy the constantly growing market demand, we continually improve our products. More than 25,000 units supplied underwrite our innovative focus.

Our strong point is the development of specific solutions for each client which we implement flexibly, with a short reaction time and punctual delivery dates. With the extraordinary variety of our products, which cover three distinct forms of operation, we can always find a convincing way to get things moving.

Our production centres have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, which evidences the high standard of quality of our products, as well as the expert qualifications of our collaborators.

Dynalserg produces technical installations of great quality for lifting, transport and handling, particularly for industrial production and logistics. Our objective is to achieve maximum performance every day in stability, precision, durability and safety. One of our specialities is producing individual solutions for very complex constructions and a complete programme for pallet handling.

32 years of experience in the manufacture of technical lifting equipment. Our aim is to achieve maximum performance in terms of stability, precision, durability and safety. Quality, innovation and flexibility are the cornerstones of our company. R & D for customer-specific solutions.
A large number of our own patents confirm our innovative spirit. We always find a convincing way to get things moving, through the extraordinary diversity of our products. First-class after-sales service all over the world.
Who do we work for?

The food industry, beverage and tobacco industry, manufacturers of consumer products, mechanical engineering, automobile and aviation industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, household goods, the construction and steel industries, wholesalers, intralogistics integrators, hypermarkets, etc.