Pallet exchanger.
View of a pallet exchanger with a diagram of the whole system.

The pallet exchanger is a unit composed of a pneumatic depalletizer and a lift table with chain conveyor, specially designed to change one pallet for another which is standardised, in either the input or the output of an automatic goods flow system. No additional manual handling is necessary. The use of non-standard pallets in an automatic warehouse can cause a stoppage in the process. The pallet exchanger offers an economical solution that will satisfy your needs in quality warehousing. Great precision, with high performance and protection for your containers.

Normal uses: before warehousing, before loading onto a vehicle, etc. The system is easy to integrate into existing pallet transport systems.

In order to design a reliable and safe system, it is important to have all the products and pallets defined in advance, before confirming the order.

It is essential that the load is stable and that the dimensions do not change.

Technical characteristics:

Example pallet exchange process, two in origin and one in destination:

Original pallet 1 (WxLxH) = 800 x 1200 x 145 mm

New pallet 1 (WxLxH) = 1100 x 1100 x 135 mm or 1000 x 1200 x 145 mm

Original pallet 2 (WxLxH) = 1000 x 1200 x 145 mm

New pallet 2 (WxLxH) = 1100 x 1100 x 135 mm

  • Maximum load capacity: 1500 Kg.
  • Exchange capacity: we recommend a maximum of 90 exchange processes per hour and system.
  • Working temperature: 0°C – 40°C
  • With eccentric connecting rod lift table with chain conveyor.
  • Compressed air consumption: Air consumption depends on the pace of work, but may be up to a maximum (90 pallets / hr) of around 400 nl/hr (6 bar).
  • The cover sketch shows the pallet exchanger system.

Calculation of capacity according to the example given:

Pallet entry23008,47
Lift the pallet1,50
Close front and back plates4,00
Close side plates2,00
Lower pallet1,50
Remove old pallet and place new pallet23008,47
Lift pallet1,50
Open all plates4,00
Lower pallet1,50
Remove pallet18006,95
Total operation/pallet39,89
Detail of depalletizer.
Detail of pneumatic system.
Detail of pallet exchanger pneumatic system.
Technical details
Power source6 Festo pneumatic cylinders

2 x lateral plates

2 + 2 x front and back plates

Position control1 x Reed contact for each cylinder

+ 1 x overpressure valve for each cylinder

Magnetic valves3 x MFH-5/2-D-3-S-C + 1 option
PressureMin. 6 bar
Maintenance unitYes
Transport height600 mm +/-50 mm
Capacity90 pallets / hour
Compressed air consumption400,00 nl/ min
Lift table with chain conveyor
Lift table with chain conveyor.
Lift table with chain conveyor for pallet exchanger.
Technical details
Lifting mechanismEccentric connecting rod
Useful load1500 kg.
MotorSEW 1.5 KW with brake
Positioning2 x proximity sensors
Transport height600 mm +/-50 mm
LHDChain conveyor
Motor SEW 1.1 KW with Movimot
4 x photocells

These units are designed to be mounted in an installation or to be assembled with other machines in a complete working installation. For this reason they are certified under a Declaration of incorporation of partly completed machinery under Annex II B of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and comply with Directives 2014/35/EU and 2004/108/EU, also DIN EN ISO 12100/2011, DIN EN 60 204-1/A1:2009, DIN EN 349/A1:2008, DIN EN ISO 13850:2016, DIN EN ISO 13857:2008, DIN EN ISO 4413:2011, DIN EN 61000-6-2:2006, DIN EN 1570- 1:2015 and DIN EN 61000-6-4/A1:2011 are applied.

Visualisation of the whole operation of the pallet exchanger system.