Pallet changer.
Pallet changer by pressure, turning and extraction.

Our pallet changers, also called pallet inverters, optimise time and work to the maximum. Their reduced construction height avoids the use of forklift trucks, eliminating the costs involved.

A robust solution, highly reliable and durable, using the most advanced modern technology to cover any need for turning heavy loads.

They provide safety and cleanliness in the warehouse. The replacement of broken sacks or damaged pallets can be dealt with in seconds. To change goods from own pallets to others that are disposable or hired saves time in the production processes.
Detail of turning
Picture showing the process of turning a loaded pallet.

Made in top quality materials, the rotation system of our pallet changers allows the load to be rotated to the angle desired, 90º or 180º, with or without the pressure of the load. The turning system is powered by a hydraulic group, connected to the lifting/lowering cylinders by hydraulic hoses. The design of the structure is adapted for EURO, INDU, CHE and Düsseldorf pallets, etc.

Dynalserg pallet changers for a fixed station and automatic are suitable for all types of products (boxes, sacks, bottles, containers, etc.) and pallets of any type and size.

The pallet changing operation is carried out by tilting, turning, pressing or pushing the load, depending on the model used.

Precisely because of their versatility, fixed station pallet turners are suitable for any kind of application in industries of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ceramic, food and beverage sectors.

Changer for pallet with sacks.
Changer for pallet with sacks.
Changer for pallet with boxes.
Changer for pallet with boxes.

Pallet inverters are asked for by clients who have an area assigned to independent units and need to deal with a significant number of pallet changes per hour.

Dynalserg makes a wide range of fixed station pallet inverters, including units with an independent control panel, for manual use or totally automatic, so that the work cycle can be completed with minimal intervention by the operator.

Safety grilles and photocells are supplied according to the client’s needs.

Our pallet changers are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the appropriate EC Certificate of Conformity and a detailed instruction book.

Available with special finishes according to the client’s own specifications.

Video showing how a pallet changer works.

Our pallet changers are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.