Pallet checking station.
Pallet checking station. This pneumatic unit can handle 150 pallets per hour and has two claw rollers. Its function is to examine the bottom boards and top boards of the pallet, check on the free space for forklift entry and the size of that space. Optional extras include a cleaning brush and a suction device.
Dynalserg is an enterprise in expansion in the fields of lifting, logistics and maintenance; our main field of work is centred on advice and the manufacture and marketing of individualised solutions for each client.

Dynalserg’s strong point is the development of specific solutions for each client, which we then implement with flexibility, a short reaction time and punctual delivery dates. With the extraordinary diversity of our products, which also cover three different methods of operation, we can always find a convincing way to get things moving.

Mobile lift table combined with work platforms and lift table.
Mobile lift table combined with work platforms and lift table.
Mobile unit with lifting arms.
Mobile unit with lifting arms.
Dynalserg produces technical installations of great quality for lifting, transport and handling, particularly for industrial production and logistics. Our aim is to achieve maximum performance every day in stability, precision, durability and safety. One of our specialities is finding individual solutions for particularly complex constructions and the full programming of special maintenance units.

Quality, innovation and flexibility are the basic pillars of our enterprise. I&D of specific solutions for each client. The large number of units supplied underwrites our innovative spirit. We can always find a convincing way to get things moving, through the extraordinary diversity of our products.

Lift table for electric motor test bench.
Lift table for electric motor test bench for locomotives.
Lift table detail of test bench for electric motors.
Lift table detail of test bench for electric motors driving locomotives.
Whether it is for an individual installation or a unit integrated into a production chain, Dynalserg is your provider of confidence.

Special requirements call for special solutions!

Dynalserg develops innovative products of great quality for many different sectors.

The products we offer our clients are machines and systems not normally found in maintenance systems, such as, for example:

  • Column lifts with high load capacity, of the most varied sizes, equipment and finishes.
  • Pallet lifts with 3 to 4 moving shafts.
  • Inverters.
  • Pallet changers.
  • Pallet Inverting and centring.
  • Pallet compactors.
  • Destackers and stackers for any type of load base.
  • Special machines custom built for the client.
  • Any finish on lift tables, from conventional finishes to those suitable for ATEX areas, also for the highest requirements in performance, such as high lifting frequencies and high speeds, and also for extremely cold working temperatures at -30ºC, etc.

Take advantage of our specialised knowledge in solutions for many different sectors!


Pallet lift

Equipment for removing defective pallets or to change the type of pallet on the transport line.

Pallet stacker

Equipment for stacking or destacking pallets, making stacks of up to 15 units.

Pallet packer

Pneumatic unit specially designed for arranging packed products on a pallet.

Pallet exchanger

Unit composed of a pneumatic depalletizer and a lift table with chain conveyor, specially designed to change one pallet for another which is standardised.

Pallet changers

Units for pallet changing operations, tilting, turning, pressing or pushing the load, depending on the model used.

Truck unit with rollers or chains

Unit used to pick up or put down a load and move it between different transport lines and, in turn, deposit it on a fixed conveyor.

Shuttle with rollers or chains

The shuttle is a special unit designed for the transport of one or two loads at a speed of 160m/min and is used to pick up or set down and, in turn, to shift the load between different transport lines.

Roller or chain lift

This lift for pallets or containers is a special unit; its function is to connect transport lines at different height levels, lifting over a distance of up to 20 m and more than two floors.

Lift platforms for lorries

Lift platforms used to position lorries at the right height for direct loading and unloading with a forklift truck or pallet truck, in places where there is no loading dock.