Innovation and flexibility, fundamental in our enterprise

Innovations by the Dynalserg team have led to several patents for lift tables which are operated in different ways: by chain mast, spindle and belts. With our clients we establish specific requirements, we then jointly implement them and put them into standard production.

The basis of our broad spectrum of products is our internal construction team. For years our specialists have been working with efficient CAD systems which provide extensive documentation. Our clients appreciate the rapid exchange of data, especially in the stages of planning and execution.
Through the broad standardisation of components we have achieved short reaction times, even with non-standard pieces. An internal electronic summary in the areas of documentation and maintenance allows and facilitates rapid access to the details of your project.

We are a young, serious and dynamic enterprise, formed by a team with more than 25 years of experience in the world of load lifting and handling.

We specialise in the lifting, handling and transfer of any kind of load with high precision, for which we have won the trust of industries such as the automobile and aeronautical, the food industry, robotics, process automation and storage.

We are accustomed to sectors of different types, a factor which has allowed us to dominate a broad range of adverse environments, such as frozen, high humidity, corrosion, high temperatures, potentially explosive atmospheres, etc., and, in turn, services that are very demanding in terms of cycles/hour or pallets/hour.

We can make a range from single pieces and prototypes to large-scale standard production as well as any type of product within our speciality.

Automation engineering specialised in the integral management of turn-key projects and the development of custom built solutions for industry.

Dynalserg was created with the idea of uniting its founders’ enterprising spirit with the knowledge, experience and commitment of the group of people who form the team, whose principal aim is to satisfy all the needs contained in a project.

The main added value in Dynalserg is the human team comprised in the workforce. Client satisfaction is our principal motivation, achieved by supplying a really top quality product at adequate cost and suited to the needs of each project.

Our objective is to become a benchmark enterprise in our sectors of activity.

To do this we use market studies, technological tools suited to each project and continuous training for our human team, so that we can adapt our structures and capacities to the needs of our clients.


All the lift tables in the range are constructed and produced with constant technical updating and on the basis of the European standards currently in force. Our own quality management department constantly guarantees quality standards in our production centres, also certified to standard ISO 9001. Machinery of the latest generation consequently guarantees a manufacturing process of maximum efficiency. All our products are subject before delivery to examination under standard EN1570-1.

Also, the company undertakes Risk Assessments in relation with the products and services available and external Safety Audits in the phases of design, manufacture and assembly.

Technical service

A product is only that good if it is accompanied by good technical service.

Dynalserg stands out over the competition due to its reliable and broadly based Technical Service.


  • Regular inspection and maintenance.

  • Replacement of worn parts.

  • Greasing.

Assembly and start-up:

  • Mechanical assembly.

  • Hydraulic channelling.

  • Start-up.

  • Attendance during a work shift.

Supply of spare parts:

  • Large stock of spare parts.

  • Rapid and efficient supply.

  • An internal electronic summary of the documentation area makes it easy to locate the replacements required rapidly, even when they are not standard.

Reconditioning older lift tables:

  • Replacement of worn parts.

  • Replacement of sliding bearings.

  • Change of rolling bearings.

  • Replacement of hydraulic components.

Modifications of existing installations:

  • On request, we can undertake subsequent adaptations, such as overload, safety railings, changes of location and anchorage, etc.

  • Adaptation of installations and machinery to EC marking.

  • Safety and technological improvements.

  • Safety Audit.


  • In handling and safety for the user.

  • In regular inspection and maintenance for the maintenance staff.