The Board of Directors of DYNALSERG, S.L. (the “Company”) is responsible for formulating the strategy and approving the Company’s corporate policies, and for organising the internal control systems. In the exercise of these responsibilities, aware of the fundamental importance of all aspects relating to the health and safety of the workers, in consonance with the Company’s values and in accordance with the policy on human resources, it approves this policy on health and safety at work.

  1. Purpose. The purpose of the policy on health and safety at work is to achieve a safe and healthy working environment, both in the Company itself and in other collaborating companies where the Company is the dominant entity in the sense established by law, and also in its spheres of influence.

  2. Basic principles of action. In order to achieve that purpose, the Company accepts and promotes the following basic principles which must preside over all its activities:

    1. Respecting the basic pillars of the Company’s concept of health and safety at work:

      1. Quality, productivity and profitability in the activities are as important as the health and safety of the workers. All these are the Company’s permanent and fundamental objectives.

      2. The safety of the workers must always prevail. All accidents must be avoided, assigning to this task the necessary resources.

      3. Continuous improvement in all management fields for the prevention of labour risks is a fundamental factor in the Company’s future.

    2. Guaranteeing that all Company decisions will be in compliance with the legal, labour and technological framework and the internal regulations of each collaborating company in matters of the prevention of labour risks.

    3. Ensuring total integration of the principles of health and safety at work into all the management systems for risk prevention in the Company.

    4. Developing and implementing a global health and safety at work system for the whole Company based on standards in matters of health and safety at work, determining the minimum levels and ensuring harmonisation of the criteria applied in all collaborating companies. This global system involves:

      1. Integration of the criteria of health and safety at work into all phases of the productive process, in all working methods and in all the decisions, so that the executives, technicians, managers and employees all accept their responsibilities in these matters.

      2. The identification, assessment and effective control of risks associated with the work.

      3. Suitability of employee to workplace, through health vigilance and training for the staff.

      4. A mechanism of evaluation in matters of health and safety at work in accordance with the standards established for the whole Company in order to identify possible deviations, exchange best practices and establish a global culture of excellence in risk prevention.

    5. Demanding a respect for the safety standards established by the Company for the contractors and involving them in the preventive culture implemented.

    6. Encouraging the participation of all employees in the promotion of health and safety, cooperating with the Company in raising the safety standards.

    7. Promoting the Company’s preventive culture through:

      1. Permanent training and qualification for the employees, in order to involve all the workers and make them aware of the impact of their work on the safety of other people, processes and installations.

      2. Encouraging conduct that is respectful of the health and safety of the workers.

      3. The exchange of best practices in application of the global standards defined for health and safety at work, improving them continually, so that they are more demanding and effective.

    8. Obtaining and maintaining certificates in matters of health and safety in line with the most demanding international standards, from the perspective of continuous improvement and technological innovation in the general quality of the productive system.

    9. Establishing close relationships of collaboration with the various Public Administrations competent in matters of health and safety at work, with the aim of becoming a benchmark in these matters wherever the Company undertakes its activity.