Standard simple scissor lift table
Standard simple scissor lift table.

Dynalserg standard simple scissor lift tables consist of a lift platform with a simple scissor assembly. This is the basic model in the range of lifting platforms.

These lift tables on simple scissors are of universal application and in general can resolve most problems relating to differing levels in the areas of production and logistics. Using them can even out these areas. Of course, they ease the handling of loads, optimise production flows and speed up logistical flows.

The metal structure of the principal support is made of square profile steel sections to guarantee optimum stability and maximum durability.

Dynalserg standard simple scissor lift tables have the following characteristics: Load capacity up to 10,000 Kg. Lifting run from 500 to 2,000 mm. Platform measurements up to 3,000 x 2,000 mm. Custom built solutions can be offered depending on particular requirements.

All our standard tables can be supplemented with optional extras for the chassis, the platform and for safety.

Our standard simple scissor lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.

Models available
Art. No.ModelCapacity (Kg)Stroke (mm)Folded height (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
EO0001M0 005050-D1500500180800600
EO0002M1 005090-D15009001801.350800
EO0003M1 005090-D1B5009001801.3501.000
EO0004M1 005125-D15001.2502201.800800
EO0005M1 010055-D11.0005501801.000800
EO0006M1 010090-D11.0009001801.350800
EO0007M1 010090-D1B1.0009001801.3501.000
EO0008M1 010090-D2B1.0009001801.3501.200
EO0009M1 010125-D11.0001.2502201.800800
EO0010M2 005160-D15001.6002202.250800
EO0011M2 010125-D2B1.0001.2502351.8001.200
EO0012M2 010160-D21.0001.6002352.2501.000
EO0013M2 010160-D2B1.0001.6003002.2501.500
EO0014M2 020090-D22.0009002301.350800
EO0015M2 020090-D2B2.0009002301.3501.000
EO0016M2 020125-D22.0001.2502501.800800
EO0017M2 020125-D2B2.0001.2502501.8001.200
EO0018M2,5 020125-D22.0001.2502502.0001.200
EO0019M2,5 020125-D2B2.0001.2502502.0001.500
EO0020M2,5 030090-D23.0009003001.3501.000
EO0021M3 020160-D22.0001.6003002.2501.200
EO0022M3 020160-D2B2.0001.6003002.2501.500
EO0023M3 030110-D23.0001.1003001.8001.000
EO0024M3 030130-D23.0001.3003002.0001.200
EO0025M3 030130-D2B3.0001.3003002.0001.500
EO0026M3 030160-D23.0001.6003002.2501.200
EO0027M3 030160-D2B3.0001.6003002.2501.500
EO0028M3 030200-D23.0002.0003003.0001.200
EO0029M3 030200-D2B3.0002.0003003.0001.500
EO0030M3 040090-D24.0009003001.5001.200
EO0031M3 040130-D24.0001.3003002.0001.200
EO0032M3 040130-D2B4.0001.3003002.0001.500
EO0033M4 040160-D24.0001.6004002.5001.200
EO0034M4 040160-D2B4.0001.6004002.5001.500
EO0035M4 040200-D24.0002.0004003.0001.200
EO0036M4 040200-D2B4.0002.0004003.0001.500
EO0037M4 050130-D25.0001.3004002.2501.200
EO0038M4 050130-D2B5.0001.3004002.2501.500
EO0039M4 050160-D25.0001.6004002.5001.200
EO0040M4 050160-D2B5.0001.6004002.5001.500
EO0041M4 050200-D25.0002.0004003.0001.200
EO0042M4 050200-D2B5.0002.0004003.0001.500
EO0043M4 060130-D26.0001.3004002.2501.200
EO0044M4 060160-D26.0001.6004002.5001.200
EO0045M5 080150-D28.0001.5006003.0002.000
EO0046M5 100150-D410.0001.5006003.0002.000