Lift table with double scissor in tandem.
Lift table with double scissor in tandem.
A lift table with tandem scissors, also called twinned scissors, is required for those cases where there is a need to handle large volume articles, of considerable length and awkward to transport. In these cases, a Dynalserg standard lift table with tandem scissors offers the best solution.

Lift table with scissors in tandem and safety rails.
Lift table with double scissors in tandem, safety rails and loading flaps.

These double scissor tandem lift tables are fitted with two or multiple sets of scissors positioned in a row to achieve the desired platform length, as well as to achieve the desired load capacity and distribute it evenly. Basically, it consists of a combination of several scissors or simple pantographs.

The lifting run of the scissors set is performed by a synchronised control to carry out a parallel lifting movement.

Dynalserg standard lift tables with tandem scissors have the following characteristics: Load capacity up to 8,000 Kg. Lifting run from 900 to 2,000 mm. Platform measurements up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm. Custom built solutions can be offered, depending on the particular requirements.

All our standard tables can be supplemented with optional extras for the chassis, the platform and for safety.

Our standard lift tables with tandem scissors are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.

Models available
Art. No.ModelCapacity (Kg)Stroke (mm)Folded height (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
EO0074M1 010090-D2/2L1.0009002302.7501.000
EO0075M2 020090-D4/2L2.0009002402.7501.000
EO0076M2 020125-D4/2L2.0001.2502604.0002.000
EO0077M2 020160-D4/2L2.0001.6003004.5501.500
EO0078M2 030090-D4/2L3.0009002402.7501.000
EO0079M2 030125-D4/2L3.0001.2502603.6501.000
EO0080M2,5 030125-D4/2L3.0001.2502604.0501.200
EO0081M2,5 030160-D4/2L3.0001.6003004.5501.000
EO0082M3 020200-D4/2L2.0002.0003006.0001.500
EO0083M3 020200-D4/2LB2.0002.0003006.0002.000
EO0084M3 030200-D4/2L3.0002.0003006.0001.500
EO0085M3 030200-D4/2LB3.0002.0003006.0002.000
EO0086M3 040110-D4/2L4.0001.1003003.6501.000
EO0087M3 040130-D4/2L4.0001.3003404.0501.200
EO0088M3 040160-D4/2L4.0001.6003404.5501.200
EO0089M3 040160-D4/2LB4.0001.6003404.5502.000
EO0090M3 040200-D4/2L4.0002.0003406.0001.500
EO0091M3 050110-D4/2L5.0001.1003003.6501.000
EO0092M3 050130-D4/2L5.0001.3003404.0501.200
EO0093M3,5 040200-D4/2L4.0002.0003406.0002.000
EO0094M3,5 050160-D4/2L5.0001.6003404.5501.200
EO0095M3,5 050160-D4/2LB5.0001.6003404.5502.000
EO0096M3,5 050200-D4/2L5.0002.0003406.0001.500
EO0097M3,5 060110-D4/2L6.0001.1003403.6501.200
EO0098M3,5 060130-D4/2L6.0001.3003404.0501.200
EO0099M3,5 060160-D4/2L6.0001.6003404.5501.200
EO0100M3,5 060160-D4/2LB6.0001.6003404.5502.000
EO0101M4 050200-D4/2LB5.0002.0004006.0502.000
EO0102M4 060200-D4/2L6.0002.0004006.0501.500
EO0103M4 060200-D4/2LB6.0002.0004006.0502.000
EO0104M4 080130-D4/2L8.0001.3004004.5501.200
EO0105M4 080160-D4/2L8.0001.6004005.0501.200
EO0106M4 080160-D4/2LB8.0001.6004005.0502.000
EO0107M4 080200-D4/2L8.0002.0004006.0501.500
EO0108M4 080200-D4/2LB8.0002.0004006.0502.000