Standard double scissor lift table.
Standard double scissor lift table.

Dynalserg standard simple scissor lift tables have a limited stroke. In most cases the maximum stroke is equivalent to the length of the platform, divided by 1.5.

Longer strokes can be achieved by equipping the lift table with multiple scissors set vertically, also called pantographs.

Dynalserg standard double scissor tables can be used, for example, as work platforms for operatives, for pallet handling, as cargo lifts, transport for the disabled, pallet stackers, etc.

In comparison with a traditional lift, Dynalserg standard double scissor tables are a rational and economical solution to many needs for working at height.

Dynalserg standard lift platforms with double pantograph have the following characteristics: Load capacity up to 8,000 Kg. Lifting run 800 to 5,000mm. Platform measurements up to 4,000 x 2,500mm. Custom built solutions can be offered depending on the particular requirements.

All our standard tables can be supplemented with optional extras for the chassis, the platform and for safety.

Our standard double scissor lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.

Models available
Art. No.ModelCapacity (Kg)Stroke (mm)Folded height (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
EO0053M0 004080-D1/2H400800200800600
EO0054M2 005180-D12H5001.8003501.3501.000
EO0055M2 005320-D22H5003.2004002.2501.000
EO0056M2 010180-D22H1.0001.8003501.3501.000
EO0057M2 010200-D2/2H1.0002.0003501.5001.000
EO0058M2 010250-D22H1.0002.5003501.8001.000
EO0059M2 010330-D23H1.0003.3005301.6501.200
EO0060M2 015180-D2/2H1.5001.8004001.3501.000
EO0061M3 010320-D22H1.0003.2005002.2501.000
EO0062M3 020200-D2/2H2.0002.0005001.5001.000
EO0063M3 020320-D22H2.0003.2005302.2501.000
EO0064M3 020380-D2/3HB2.0003.8008002.2501.800
EO0065M3 020380-D23H2.0003.8008002.2501.200
EO0066M3 020430-D2/2H2.0004.3006503.0001.200
EO0067M3,5 025320-D2/2H2.5003.2005302.5001.200
EO0068M4 030300-D22H3.0003.0007002.5001.300
EO0069M4 040300-D22H4.0003.0007002.5001.500
EO0070M4,5 020500-D23H2.0005.0001.1503.0002.000