Standard lift table.
Standard simple scissor lift table; note the quality finish. Optimum quality/price ratio. Fitted with a compact internal hydraulic group, aluminium perimeter contact strip as shear prevention and a button panel with lift/lower/emergency stop.
Knowledge and technical competence are the pillars of our production centres, located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany and Malmo in Sweden. Our products reflect our 30 years of experience in manufacturing technical lifting installations. To satisfy the constantly growing demand in the market, we continually improve our products. More than 25,000 units supplied underwrite our innovative outlook.
Checking the quality of scissors.
Checking the quality of scissors for the manufacture of standard tables.
Our strong point is the development of specific solutions for each client, which we then implement in a flexible way, with short reaction times and punctual deliveries. With the extraordinary variety of our products, which also cover three distinct modes of operation, we can always find a convincing way of getting things moving.

Recently, as a result of our long experience in satisfying the needs of our clients, we have developed a broad range of standard lift tables which we produce in small series so that we can cover the more usual market needs. We offer a very competitive price and thus can also attend to other demands from our clientele. This product range covers a very broad selection of standard models up to a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes and in different versions, that is to say, the simple scissor, double scissor and double scissor in tandem.

Our standard lift tables occupy an eminent place in the areas of goods production and handling, where it is necessary to connect different lines with different levels, fixed or mobile.

Dynalserg standard lift tables are mostly intended for handling voluminous and awkward stationary loads, different types of goods and their conveyors. Dynalserg lift tables increase productivity, rationalise the manufacturing activities and provide the necessary comfortable working environment, as well as ergonomic solutions to prevent possible damage.

Standard lift tables can be included in both automated logistical systems and independent units within the production system.

Laser cutting with numerical control.
Laser cutting of the different components of the standard lift table with numerical control.
Lift tables can be made up to satisfy your needs and special requirements. When investing in a lifting platform, we recommend doing a detailed analysis of the area, with the aim of avoiding future limitations on possible applications and to ensure that all the specifications asked for are fully complied with, if possible taking advantage of the standard range and so obtaining a more rationalised investment. As a result of this detailed study, the client can obtain the needed maximum performance at a contained price.

Standard lift tables are in constant development, directed towards achieving better applications and improving the safety factors. The aim is to consider the lift table as an essential unit for continuous improvement, in performance and in fields of production.

Automatic machining of components.
Automatic machining of components for standard lift tables.
Sheet bending.
Automatic bending of sheet components for standard lift tables.
Dynalserg standard lift tables are designed and produced with the most modern techniques, constantly updated, following current EU standards. The company’s own quality management system constantly warrants the internal quality standard. Our production plant is certified to ISO 9001. A machinery depot of the latest generation allows for an efficient manufacturing process. The design department works with the most modern hardware and software modules and with the latest updates. All the standard lift tables are subject to exhaustive examination under EN 1570-1 before being delivered.

Our standard lift table models


All electrical components have IP55 protection rating.

Operating voltage 24 V.

Button panel with 3 m cable.

“Dead man” switch for protection.

Motor protected against overheating.

Lifting rings for easy transport and installation.

Service hatchway on the platform for lift tables of over 3 t.

Compact hydraulic group
Compact hydraulic group with transparent tank for an easy check on the oil level. The hydraulic unit meets the manufacturing standards and is fitted with an overload valve. The return/suction filters are mounted on the tank in order to reduce the noise level to the minimum. The whole group, including the motor, is proof against oil leaks and spills.
Detail of square section tube
The tubular profile of the scissors gives the assembly greater stability. The robust bearings of all moving parts reduce the loads: with this and also with the grease nipples of all the shafts and joints the useful life of the equipment is extended. All the shafts are anodised.
Mechanised scissor arm
The mechanised scissor arms ensure regular mechanical function and great precision in movement.
Aluminium contact strip.
The aluminium contact strip reduces the risk of injury to the minimum.
IP55 motor protection
Motor with IP55 protection rating.
Cylinder with safety valve.
Cylinder ends fitted with slowdown device to ensure shock-free descent. Each cylinder has a safety valve to ensure an immediate stop in the event of hydraulic hose failure.
Anodised fork roller
Fork rollers ensure a perfectly balanced load and eliminate transverse strain, prolonging the useful life of the equipment. All the rollers are anodised.
Top run stop.
Top run stop for easy run adjustment.
Folding safety supports for servicing.
Folding safety supports to prevent the sudden descent of the table during works of repair and servicing.
Adjustable descent valve.
The adjustable descent valve provides a constant descent speed, independently of the load.
Anodised shafts and rapid replacement bushings.
The anodised shafts and rapid replacement bushings simplify the maintenance of the lift table.
EC labelling
EC marking.
Intelligent control with possibilities for various optional extras.
Intelligent control with possibilities for various optional extras. M12 contacts for easy assembly.