Work platform with open centre.
Work platform with open centre to give easy access from any position.
Work platforms or lift platforms for staff

Designed for assembly, maintenance and repair work requiring the staff in charge of these operations to work in places difficult to get to or at height. Our flexible solutions can be used in many other applications, for example installing platforms with a lateral slide.

Mobile work platform.
Mobile work platform for tasks of picking large size materials.
Tandem scissor work platforms.
Work platforms with tandem or double scissor action and electric platform movement.

These units, as they are designed to lift people, require specific safety measures such as safety handrails, load restrictions, etc., and can be equipped with platform extensions to improve their reach. They can be fixed or mobile; the latter being towed or self-propelling. The supporting mechanism can be either the pantograph or the telescopic mast or column. Various technologies can be applied to suit each specific case, that is, electro-hydraulic and electric belt-driven or with a chain mast. A special case is the equipment designed for cabins for painting in the workshop, which operates like a stacker crane driving a cabin that can extend by pantograph.

Work platform with protective covering and oval side.
Work platform with protective and side covering in oval shape to adapt to the equipment to be assembled.
Work platform with lift, travel and advance.
Work platform with lift, horizontal travel and advance by pantograph.

According to standards DIN EN 280 and EN 528 for mobile lift platforms for personnel and DIN EN1570-1 for lift tables.


  • Very strong construction.
  • High performance hydraulic group or electric motor.
  • Plunger cylinders.
  • Manual or electronic movement.
  • Platform laterally movable.
  • Possibility of lateral extensions, with manual or electro-hydraulic traction.
  • Sliding or telescopic handrails.
  • Side gates with electromechanical closure.
  • Perimeter contact strip, anti-foot trapping device.
  • Additional strip to prevent trapping with the scissor.
  • Safety device to prevent platform overload.
  • Warning light with acoustic signal.
  • Support cylinders to stabilise the platform in elevated position.
  • Halogen-free electrical installation.
  • ATEX protection for potentially explosive atmospheres.
Work platform with tilting and forward movement.
Work platform with platform tilting and forward movement to adapt to the land contours.
Work platform with movement, advance and crane.
Mobile work platforms. The first with platform movement and advance, the second with movement, advance and crane, for railway maintenance.

Available up to a load capacity of 10,000 Kg and a maximum lifting range of 5,000 mm, in painted, oven-galvanised finish or even in stainless steel to food industry quality and, of course, also in special finishes according to the client’s own specification.

Our work platforms are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are built to standards DIN EN 1570 and DIN EN 280.