U-shaped ultra-flat lift table.
U-shaped ultra-flat lift table for access from the floor with a pallet truck, no ramp or pit needed. Easy to transport.

Dynalserg U-shaped ultra-flat lift tables are used in all kinds of industry for rational and profitable production, while also creating an ergonomically correct work environment.

U-shaped ultra-flat

The lift table is placed directly on a flat surface, with no need for a pit. As soon as it is connected to the power source, the table is ready to lift and lower.

Horizontal pallet loading

With a U-shaped Dynalserg lift table, EUR-pallet entry and exit is direct and horizontal, much simpler than with a ramp. For separate objects, such as glossy cardboard boxes, the U-shaped table offers the great advantage that the pallet does not tip up. This is what makes the U-shaped ultra-flat tables so useful as against ultra-flat tables with a ramp.
All our Dynalserg lift tables are also available in stainless steel or oven-galvanised versions, and with the special hydraulic system adapted to the needs of the food industry.

U-shaped ultra-flat lift table for access without a ramp.
U-shape Ultra-flat lift table for pallet truck access without a ramp.
Ultra-flat lift table with platform and ramp.
Ultra-flat lift table with a smooth platform, with access ramp for pallet truck.
Ultra-flat lift tables

Dynalserg ultra-flat lift tables come in many standard sizes for loads from 600 kg to 2000 kg and useful heights of 550 mm to 900 mm, giving maximum table heights of 630 mm to 980 mm. We can also supply any finish following your specifications.

All the Dynalserg ultra-flat lift tables are supplied with a rectangular platform and, as standard, with a ramp. The lift tables are mounted directly on the floor, without a pit, a flexible solution that can always be adapted to circumstances.

Since the platform supports the pallet, the ultra-flat lift table is ideal wherever pallets of differing sizes and qualities are used.

The pallet is put onto the table with an ordinary pallet truck and ramp.

Ultra-flat lift table with ramp access.
Ultra-flat lift table with platform and ramp for ergonomic access at the work post.
E-shaped Ultra-flat lift table with bellows.
E-shaped Ultra-flat lift table with bellows for anti-shearing protection.
Ultra-flat lift table with 2 ramps

With a ramp at each end of the lift table, pallets can move on and off at both ends in order to improve the work flow.

Dynalserg offers lift tables in paint or oven-galvanised finish, or in stainless steel, apart from special finishes with non-slip platform, handrail and gate… and many other features.

Ultra-flat lift table with two fixed ramps.
Ultra-flat lift table with two fixed access ramps for pallets moving on and off.
Ultra-flat lift table with two swing ramps.
Ultra-flat lift table with two swing ramps attached to the platform.

Many dairies and businesses in the food and processing and other industries work in three shifts. This means that many operations in the processing equipment, conveyor belts and so on are carried out, during the course of a single week, by 4 or 5 different people. One is tall, another short, and each of them needs a different working height in order to prevent unnecessary fatigue and exhaustion. The answer to this is to install a Dynalserg lift table as an adjustable height work platform. This allows the operatives to adjust their ideal working height at the touch of a button.

Ultra-flat lift table in stainless steel.
Ultra-flat lift table in stainless steel for ergonomic positioning at a work post in a dairy.
Ultra-flat lift tables in stainless steel for palletising boxes.
Ultra-flat lift tables in stainless steel for palletising boxes in the food industry.

The pictures above show an oven-galvanised lift table in the packing room of a dairy. The simple height adaptation allows the operative to work always at an ideal height when passing packages from the belt to the pallet. When the pallet is full, it is simply taken away with a normal pallet truck.

Flat and long

The Dynalserg ultra-flat types can supplied in the form of double horizontal tables of great length and with their own height of only 80/90 mm.

To handle long pieces in a machine chain where the construction height has to be reduced, Dynalserg tables can be the right answer to a problem that can be hard to solve.

Weight indicators incorporated

In many businesses the weights of palletised goods entering and exiting are checked to ensure that the pallets contain the correct quantity of goods. In collaboration with our scales supplier we have developed a system that allows us to offer all our lift tables with a built-in weight indicator.

The weight error of the 4 certified weighing cells is only ±0.5%. They are built into the lower chassis and, depending on the model of lift table, only increase its height by 20-50 mm.

The weight is indicated on a digital screen, with the same precision for all positions of the lift table, a decisive advantage which makes the system very simple to use.

Weighing module for lift table.
Automatic weighing module for an ultra-flat lift table.
Ultra-flat lift table for servicing.
Ultra-flat lift table for snowmobile servicing.

Available with a load capacity of up to de 2000 Kg and a maximum lift range of 800 mm, in painted finish, oven-galvanised or even in stainless steel to food quality and, of course, also in special finishes to the client’s own specification.

Our ultra-flat lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are built to standard DIN EN 1570.