PTS with central skid at the start or end of the conveyor line
Pallet transfer station with central skid at the start or end of a conveyor line. For use with a pallet jack. Note the absence of a pit.

Our PTS Pallet Transfer Stations optimise time and work to the maximum and are easily installed to form a versatile part of the production process. In this way they save you time and costs and make the work easier. Their reduced height means there is no need for forklifts and does away with the costs involved, that is, you save the expense of buying and maintaining them. Also, you do not need to construct a pit, thus also saving the expense of building works. The roller or chain track can be fed directly with a pallet truck or be fitted to a conveyor line. A robust answer, very reliable and durable, with the most advanced and modern technology to cover any need for the lifting of heavy loads.

PTS for Euro-pallet without central skid
Pallet transfer station for Euro-pallets, without a central skid, for delivery or collection by pallet jack to or from the floor.
PTS for crossed chep pallet with ramp
Pallet transfer station for crossed chep pallets with access ramp for pallet jack.

Made in high quality materials, the scissor system of our PTS allow the load to be lifted or lowered to the desired height. The lifting system is powered by a hydraulic group, connected to the lifting/lowering cylinders of the scissor system by hydraulic hoses. The simple scissor system is composed of two pairs of very strong articulated arms, linked by bearings, a set of rollers in the lower part means that the whole unit slides along the roller track. In the upper part we have the structure, which forms the powered roller track. With a design adapted for the manual entry of pallets, the casing channels the load and a reducer motor drives the roller belt to complete the transfer. The design of the upper structure can be adapted to EURO, INDU, CHEP, Düsseldorf (half pallet) pallets, etc. or even Roll Containers.

PTS tandem for two pallets at once
Transfer station for pallets in tandem, to handle two pallets at the same time.
PTS with embedded rollers for chep pallets at height
Pallet transfer station with rollers distributed and embedded in the base and suitable for chep pallets.

Available up to a load capacity of 2000 Kg and a maximum lifting height of 1100 mm, hydraulic or electric, with painted finish, oven-galvanised or stainless steel for food use quality and, of course, special finishes according to the client’s own specifications.

Our PTS incorporate all the safety devices required. They have the EC Declaration of Conformity and are built to standard DIN EN 1570.

PTS for chep pallet in pit
Pallet transfer station with rollers distributed and embedded in the base suitable for chep pallets, installed in a pit.
Pallets800 x 1200 mm / 1000 x 1200 mm / 600 x 1200 mm (Düsseldorf) / Chep, etc.
Load capacity500 a 2.000 daN
Lifting range80 a 1.100 mm
Showing the process of loading, lifting, lowering and unloading a pallet using a Pallet Transfer Station.