Rigid chain lift table.
Rigid chain lift table for positioning the chassis.

The car industry is concerned with the design, development, manufacture, assembly, marketing and sale of cars. In 2018 approximately 90 million motor vehicles were produced.

For both the car manufacturers and the auxiliary industry our range of products offers solutions with guarantee, including for the intensive use that a production line demands.

Belt driven lift table. Detail of the winding system.
Belt driven lift table. Detail of the winding system.
Spindle lift table.
Spindle lift table for positioning with welding robot.

Dynalserg lift tables are integrated into the assembly chain in order to lift the chassis.

Our motorised trucks transport dies of up to 80 Tonnes between presses or between the presses and the store.

Dynalserg custom built rotators allow the stamping dies to be manoeuvred for modification and maintenance.

Electrically operated lift platforms, spindle or belt drive depending on needs, or possibly with hydraulic operation, also offer optimum positioning for more convenient working. All our lift platforms have the safety devices necessary to operate with all kinds of guarantees.

Our hanging lift tables are also custom built solutions to the specific demands of each sector.

Hanging table with tooling for motor.
Hanging table with tooling for positioning the motor.
Hanging belt driven table.
Hanging belt driven table for skid.

This technical expertise is based on a profound knowledge of production processes, use of the most innovative techniques, a coherent process from planning to implementation and a permanent dialogue with our clients and collaborators.

The Dynalserg product line is characterised by the use of selected materials, their robust finish and a meticulous calculation of the requirements demanded, thus guaranteeing the quality and safety in production that is needed in your sector.

Belt driven lift table.
Belt driven lift table for production line in the car industry.
Hydraulic lift table for bodywork.
Hydraulic lift table for production line, for the handling of bodywork in the car industry.

Available up to a load capacity of 100 t and a maximum lift range of 5,000 mm, also in special finishes to the client’s specification.

Our lift tables for the car industry are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.