Mobile lift table with prism for transfer from lathe.
Mobile lift table with prism for transfer from the steel coil distributor lathe.

Your partner in coil handling

Coil handling in the installation sector

With the Dynalserg coil handling programme, manufacturing plants can be made more profitable!

In the production processes steel, aluminium, paper or plastic are introduced or transferred with care and safety. Dynalserg has a broad programme, whether the installations are of longitudinal or transverse travel or even where high performance machines are involved with additional functions for perforation, folding or outlining.

If the materials are worked from the coil, the coiling and uncoiling stations need short change times. For all processes related with chaining or buffering, Dynalserg has high performance equipment for complex production processes. This equipment comprises the lift table and coil store – devices for rotating, tilting and turning coils.

A team of qualified advisers with long experience in the special material flow technology sector ensure that from the planning phase everything is correctly integrated.

  • Personalised solutions for preparation of the metal
  • Coil transport and lifting systems to load and eliminate the lathe

From delivery by internal transport to the despatch and packing of the installation, every conceivable type of coil is transported at the right moment for its respective processing place, according to processes.

The growing search for performance and profitability requires a further development of lifting and transport systems. More than ever, questions are raised on adequate transport, lifting and stacking systems. The normal processes of transport with crane or pallet stacker have had to be replaced by components of a faster and more exact system.

Special independent coil transport units or FTS for coils of up to 120 tonnes transport them from the coil store or directly from the vehicle to the location of the machines for longitudinal or transverse passage, machines to stretch-fold-straighten or purification installations.

Mobile lift tables with rollers for coils.
Mobile lift tables with rollers for the transfer and automatic transport of coils.
Mobile lift table with coil transfer prism on the machine.
Mobile lift table with prism for coil collection and transfer at the end of the production line.
The sector where the coil is unrolled

This is where coils are fed in for later processing at the start of a line. A coil lift unit takes the coils with its scissor lifting device and delivers them to a special temporary store (mobile or fixed coil store).

The mobile coil store aligns every coil towards the lathe centre. The fixed coil store is arranged directly towards the centre of the lathe mandrel.

A second coil lift unit then takes the coil from the store and passes it to the lathe mandrel; height adjustment is by means of the integral scissor lift device, horizontal alignment is via the unit chassis, controlled by radiofrequency.

If necessary, the coil bushing is transported to the bushing removal store by means of a tilting arrangement below the bearings structure, by direct transfer from the lathe mandrel.

Mobile lift table with transfer rollers.
Mobile lift table with transfer rollers and coil fixing for safe transport.
Mobile lift table with prism and coil fixing.
Mobile lift table with prism and coil fixing system for safe transport.
The sector where the coil is rolled

After working the strips the coils are rolled. The coil lift unit takes the coils on the lathe mandrel and transfers them to a lathe with 4 holding arms for intermediate storage before progressing to the packaging system.

To safeguard materials already worked they are mounted on the lift unit pressure arms and auxiliary arms for the coil disc.

If necessary the lathe mandrel with intake bushings is fed by a bushing supply installation. The coil bushings are supplied by a tilting device below the prism and delivered to the lathe mandrel.

All the functions are operated totally automatically. Due to the faster method of working, the lifting and transport systems meet the continuously increasing requirements for processing machines.

The following factors are decisive for the choice of the correct procedure:

  • Safety during the transport of coils weighing up to 50 tonnes.
  • Up-to-date coil handling.
  • Performance parameters of processing machines.
  • Risk of damage to materials (stainless steel).
  • Aspects for improvements to performance (e.g. units).
  • Components to improve performance in the successive chaining of installations.
  • Coil lifting unit for loads of 5 to 50 tonnes.

Compact scissor lift tables for heavy loads are fitted with a mechanism for rail travel. Among other things, this allows the transport of coils to the warehouse / from the lathe to the machine and vice versa.

Various accessories such as prismatic drive wheels, supports, etc., allow for adjustments to the requirements of each process.

Mobile lift table with coil transfer rollers.
Mobile lift table with coil transfer rollers.
Table for transport of 4 coils on rails.
Transport table for four coils on rails.
Fixed and mobile coil stores

To reduce the use of the crane and guarantee supply and transport to the installations, fixed and mobile coil stores with a coil lifting unit are an integral part of rapid change systems.

Lathes are used as intermediate storage points or as coil distribution points before or after passing to the line installations.

In practice the coil transfers take place within a diameter range of 800 mm to 2,500 mm. To meet these requirements on a conveyor belt, Dynalserg lathes are fitted with a vertical height graduator. It must be noted that the weight of a single one of the coils can be up to 100 tonnes.

Lift tables prism and coil handling lathe.
Lift tables with prism and lathe for handling and distribution of coils.
Column lift for coils with rollers.
Column lift for coils, with rollers for automatic transfer.
Feeding and elimination of bushings

If bushings are used as supporting material for coils, the rapid supply and intake of bushings is, together with the coil change, crucial to achieving a drastic reduction in change times.

Coil tilting

For various reasons in logistics and transport, coils are transported in a partially horizontal or vertical position. For packaging and processing the coils have to be tilted into the appropriate position. Dynalserg has devices for this task in the programme for coils of up to 100 tonnes.

Coil turning unit for transfer to pallet.
Coil turning unit for transfer to pallet for transport.
Coil turning unit with prism and roller transporter.
Coil turning unit with prism and roller transporter for coil transfer to automatic transport pallet.
Pallet stacker with movement technique

Longitudinal and transverse lines combined with pallet loading and unloading systems require stacking stations. Careful management and really precise lifting and lowering movements guarantee exact stacking. The continuous production process is guaranteed by being redirected to a second or third stacker.

Mobile tandem lift table with rotating prism.
Mobile tandem lift table with rollers and turntable for continuous production process.
Mobile lift table with prism for coils.
Mobile lift table with rocker prism for the transport and transfer of coils.

Coil lift units carry out rapid coil change
We supply lifting units for coils from 5,000 kg up to 50,000 kg in weight. The construction of these loading and unloading components has a modular design. The coil lifting units consist of several functional elements which can be adapted to a global concept and the client’s specifications as well as to the material to be processed.

Configuration of components
  • Rail systems with power supply and connections for control.
  • Transport chassis with integral movement mechanism.
  • Operation: hydrostatic, electrically operated braking motor, movements controlled electronically.
  • Recorded route: control with defined positions or electronic servo control detection systems.
Lifting elements

  • Electro-hydraulics acting on the platform by means of pistons and scissors
  • Spindle system, acting on the platform frame
Platform frames for taking:

  • Prismatic bodies with load depending on the material
  • Pulley assembly with hydrostatic operation with covered rollers
  • Provision for coil fixing
  • Devices to secure the sustaining arms
  • Supply and elimination of bushings from the bushings store
  • Integrated rail system with evaluation and printer
Battery powered coil lifting units
For the power supply most systems use cable-drag chains, but being conditioned by the system these are only economical for short sections. Using a battery the power supply is more or less independent. The battery is automatically charged in the initial position.
Coil lifting units with arms for securing, fixing devices and distancing arms
With the range of possible variations in longitudinal and transverse systems, conversion times have to be kept to the minimum. The devices for fixing, securing, adjustment, etc., are graduated, partly hydraulically and electro-hydraulically, thus reducing considerably the time of inactivity in extensive production lines.
Supply/ elimination of bushings
If bushings are used as supporting material for coils, in addition to the change of coils itself, rapid supply and intake of bushings are also important parts of our concept of installations.

Available up to a load capacity of 100 T and a maximum lifting range of 5,000 mm, in painted or oven-galvanised finish and, of course, also in special finishes according to the client’s own specifications.

Our coil and roll handling machines are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are built to standard DIN EN 1570.