Lift tables depending on application

You can find the answer to lifting here, catalogued according to the use required. From systems for feeding conveyors and other transport elements to equipment for the production chain. Solutions for loading and unloading, for the automobile or aeronautical industry, etc. If you don’t find the answer, ask us!

Pallet transfer station

Super-flat scissor lift tables fitted with roller conveyors for the entry and/or exit of pallets from automatic transport lines to floor; delivery or collection by pallet jack.

Lift tables for the production chain

Lift tables custom built with different accessories to solve the specific needs for transfer and handling in production chains in different industrial sectors.

Mobile lift tables

Lift tables which can add movement, either on rails or independently, for the horizontal and vertical transfer of loads in different industrial sectors.

Loading docks lift tables

A solution to the entry and exit of goods from the warehouse. Lift tables for outdoors or indoors, for access from the ground, dock or upper/lower levels in industries.

Lift tables with conveyor

Lift tables with conveyor for the transfer of pallets or products in transport lines to the floor or other levels, for their later handling with pallet truck, forklift, AGV, etc.

Ultra-flat lift tables

Low-built lift tables with access from the floor, no pit needed, for work posts, picking, with weight indicators, etc., for rational and profitable production, while also creating an ergonomically correct work environment.

Work lift platforms

Solutions used in all kinds of industries for assembly works, maintenance or repair, where the staff in charge of these operations have to work in places difficult to get to or at height.

Coil Handling

Lifting solutions custom built to answer the needs of handling rolls – coils of steel, paper, plastic, etc.

Car lifts

Scissor car lifts, used in dealerships for showrooms and transfers between floors and in private parking.

Lift tables for the car industry

Custom built lifting solutions for the specific demands of the car industry.

Railway lifts

Scissor, column and hanging lifts, adapted to the various needs of construction, maintenance and repair in the railway industry.

Air Cargo lifts

Hydraulic lift tables for loading aircraft, storage and transfer of containers and pallets, aircraft maintenance workshops and aircraft construction plants.