Spindle lift table for millimetre accuracy in handling automobile bodywork.
Spindle lift table for millimetre accuracy in handling of automobile bodywork. Note the safety supports in place to prevent the table from descending uncontrolled while the final adjustments are being done before starting up.

Spindle lift tables: Accuracy of positioning and situation

The spindle lift table has proven effective in many uses. It is typified by great accuracy in positioning. Operation by spindle gives great reliability and lasting quality in the field of medium speeds and frequencies, even when working in three shifts.

Our spindle lift tables are custom built solutions for the specific requirements of each sector.

This technical expertise is based on a profound knowledge of production processes, use of the most innovative techniques, a coherent process from planning to implementation and a permanent dialogue with our clients and collaborators.

The Dynalserg product line is characterised by the use of selected materials, the robust finish and a meticulous calculation of the requirements demanded, thus guaranteeing the quality and safety in production that is needed in your sector.

Our range covers the following patented systems:

Horizontal spindle system: our best selling “all terrain” model, with single or double extension according to needs.

Double spindle lift table: with the duplicated mechanism the loads on the spindle and power transmission are halved, resulting in a long life and, therefore, greater productivity. In large-scale systems it is also possible to increase the rigidity of torsion.

Detail of spindle.
Detail of the spindle functioning.
Double spindle tandem table.
Double spindle tandem scissor table for large volumes.

The absolute precision of spindle lift tables

Spindle lift tables represent an improvement and supplement to the range of hydraulic lift tables. Constructed for special purposes, fitted with top quality components, these spindle tables offer an important series of advantages, the most significant being their minimal maintenance.

They work without hydraulic oil. This makes them ideal for sensitive sectors such as the automobile and chemical industries. Spindle tables are a perfect alternative to hydraulic tables.

Lift tables of absolute precision. Millimetre accuracy in lifting, maintained constantly at 100%.

Spindle lift table with prism for coils.
Spindle lift table with prism for coils.
Simple spindle lift table.
Simple scissor lift table with independent double spindle.

Advantages of spindle operation:

  • Great accuracy in positioning and situation.
  • Minimal give on taking up the load.
  • No environmental accidents due to hydraulic oil leakage.
  • Long intervals for servicing.
  • Quiet working.

Our spindle lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.