Double rigid chain lift table.
Double rigid chain lift table for millimetre precision and loads up to 1500 kg.

Dynalserg has developed new technology for lift tables, giving a smooth, rapid lift with millimetre precision; also perfect for clients where, due to their special requirements, hydraulic oil in the premises is ruled out.

Rigid chain table for automobile chassis transfer.
Rigid chain table for transfer of skid with automobile chassis.
Rigid chain lift table with double universal joint and motor on standby.
Rigid chain lift table with double universal joint and motor on standby for non-stop functioning.

The new rigid chain transmission system offers many advantages over the systems known hitherto (hydraulic, spindle, belts), being a patented system.

  • Fewer components.
  • High cycle volume.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Large product life.
  • Stable and precise positioning.
  • No lubrication needed.

The heart of this system is the push chain, a new lifting mechanism development which allows the platform to be raised directly from the lift table. Once the chain is turned to the vertical position, it becomes rigid at any height to form a lifting column, since the sides of each link are supported and interlocked together. The advantages of chain action as against other forms of operation are:

  • Accuracy in the required height since the chain lifts the table directly without any transmission.
  • The lift table cannot descend or rock since the platform is supported on a bar.
  • Greater lifting speeds can be used (500 mm/sec or even more).
  • The speed of lift is absolutely regular as it is not influenced by pantograph geometry.
  • Simple pantograph structure, as there is no need to apply a multiple of the lifting power in its construction.
  • Rapid change of components, little maintenance. The duration of parts subject to wear is calculated for lifting 2 million times. Replacing the lifting mast is an operation done in few minutes.
  • There is no hydraulic oil.
Detail of universal joint transmission.
Detail of universal joint transmission.
Detail of 90 degree turn system.
Detail of 90 degree turn system.
Detail of rigid chain.
Detail of patented rigid chain.
Conventional power transmission

Conventional systems transmit the power in the scissor mechanism. The power needed to lift the table is approximately 7 times the weight to lift. Result: high tension and stress on the scissor, bearings and axles.

Rigid chain power transmission

The rigid chain transmits the power directly under the platform, therefore only needs power to lift the nominal load plus the weight of the table itself. Result: Less power needed, less tension and wear in the lifting mechanism.

Maintenance and servicing

The rigid chain system works virtually free of maintenance, with no oil or greasing and almost without wear. For maintenance, all parts are easily accessible and easy to replace if necessary. All the assembled groups are screwed together.

Function and description

The rigid chain lift table is conceived as a “compound machine” for a transport installation integrated into an assembly chain. It is used for the following tasks:

  • Taking loads from a horizontal conveyor belt when the table is in a high position.
  • Lifting or lowering loads to the final position.
  • Delivery to a lift or conveyor.

Working platform for tasks where accuracy in lifting and the absence of hydraulic oil are essential factors.


Gear motor located inside the lower chassis of the table, with a frequency shifter; optionally it can be installed outside and connected by a drive shaft, universal joint and clutch.

Rigid chain lift table with conveyor on board.
Rigid chain lift table with a powered conveyor on board.
Rigid chain lift table with external motor.
Rigid chain lift table with external motor and transverse scissor to give stability.
Safety devices

Our lift tables comply with all the safety requirements:

    • Below the platform is the perimeter contact strip on all 4 sides as a device to prevent the feet from becoming trapped, stopping the descent immediately on meeting an obstruction.
    • Safety double brake or parachute.
    • Locking bars for maintenance: folding safety supports for servicing which prevent the lifting table from descending during repair and maintenance work.
    • Sensors according to the particular needs of each order. – Perimeter bellows in PVC.

Our chain mast lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.

Showing a rigid chain lift table with a conveyor on board being lifted and lowered.