Hanging lift table in retracted position.
Hanging lift for transport and transfer of bodywork in retracted position.
Hanging belt-drive lift table extended.
Hanging lift table for the transport and transfer of bodywork in extended position.
Hanging lift tables of light construction

Our hanging lift tables are the best example of how, in spite of their light construction, they are able to lift and lower loads safely and smoothly. The hanging lift platform repeats this marathon effort in three shifts with very high speed.

Hanging lift tables are ideal for working at height, safe, stable and suited to constant repetitive use. With our hanging lift platforms you can reduce and optimise construction costs and notably increase working efficiency.

Belt-drive hanging lift table.
Belt-drive hanging lift table for transferring automobile skids.
Hanging table for engine movements.
Hanging table for engine movements on the assembly line.
Hanging lift tables, only flying is better

Our installations are found in almost all industrial areas where high availability, dynamic and service are required. Our hanging lift tables are the finest example of that. With our long experience, we can offer a unique range of innovative solutions.

Our hanging lift tables are custom built solutions in answer to the specific requirements of each sector.

This technical expertise is based on a profound knowledge of production processes, use of the most innovative techniques, a coherent process from planning to implementation and a permanent dialogue with our clients and collaborators.

The Dynalserg product line is characterised by the use of selected materials, the robust finish and a meticulous calculation of the requirements demanded, thus guaranteeing the quality and safety in production that is needed in your sector.

Hanging table detail of route system.
Hanging table and detail of the rail route deflection system.
Hanging table detail universal joint transmission.
Hanging table detail of universal joint for movement transmission.
Hanging lift tables of extraordinary strength

Our hanging lift tables have lifting motors of highly advanced technology, small, with extraordinary brake power and a manual release device. These lift tables are ideal for the automotive sector and assembly chains.

Our hanging lift tables are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standard DIN EN 1570.