Lift tables by type of transmission

Find your answer to lifting here, catalogued according to the type of transmission best suited to your specifications. Whatever it is that you need, hydraulics will always give the best quality/price ratio. If you need high-speed lifting, the best answer is an electric belt-driven lift table. On the other hand, if you are looking for millimetre accuracy in lifting, the best solution will be a spindle-driven or rigid chain lift table. If you cannot find what you want, ask us!

Hydraulic lift tables

Hydraulic lift tables of high performance, the answer to any need in industry, logistics and services.

Rigid chain lift tables

Rigid chain lift tables, electrically powered and without oil, for changes in height with maximum precision and minimum maintenance.

Spindle lift tables

Electrically operated lift tables, without oil, for precise millimetre movements.

Belt-drive lift tables

Lift tables electrically operated, without oil, for high performance.

Hanging lift tables

Hanging lift tables, electrically powered and oil-free, for changes of level at height.