Column lift.
Column lift connecting two floors in a production building.

A column lift is operated by a lifting mast instead of a scissor, as happens in lift tables. This type of construction is used for longer lifting distances, although the platform may be small. Column lifts also have a very low load transfer height, so that normally, by means of a small pit or with a small ramp, transfers are easy to accomplish. In fact, with column lifts a personalised solution often has to be prepared for a client; thus, for example, column lifts can be adapted for use as simplified cargo lifts.

Column lift handrail-gate.
Column lift with handrail and access gate.
Column lift: access by a door.
Double door access to a column lift used as a cargo lift between 2 floors.

The Dynalserg column lift is a necessity when great lifting distances are required. The column lift platform can easily be loaded using a pallet truck due to its reduced height of construction. In contrast to a lift table, the useful lifting height, platform length and construction height (when closed) are not interdependent. The lift can be loaded from three sides. Normally, the fourth side is not usable, due to the construction. This side is frequently used to secure the apparatus to the wall and thus achieve maximum stability.

Connection between warehouse floors.
Connection between ground floor and mezzanine in a warehouse, using a column lift.
Closed column cargo lift.
Closed column lift used as a cargo lift to connect two floors in a production plant.

Our column lifts are fitted with all the safety devices necessary. They have the EC Certificate of Conformity and are constructed to standards DIN EN 1570 and EN-81-2-2001.