Lift tables

Find your answer to lifting here, catalogued according to the application needed, depending on the type of transmission that adapts best to your needs or according to the type of lifting mechanism. Of course, you will also find a broad range of standard lift tables of high quality, which will certainly be suitable for the more normal specifications. From the most sophisticated system and the most demanding in performance to the simplest just for occasional use. If you don’t find the answer, ask us!

Depending on application

You can find here the answer for lifting, catalogued according to the use required. From systems for feeding conveyors and other transport elements to equipment for the production chain. Solutions for loading and unloading, for the automobile or aeronautical industry, etc. If you don’t find the answer, ask us!

By type of power source

Find your answer to lifting here, catalogued according to the type of transmission best suited to your specifications. Whatever it is that you need, hydraulics will always give the best quality/price ratio. If you need high-speed lifting, the best answer is an electric belt-driven lift table. On the other hand, if you are looking for millimetre accuracy in lifting, the best solution will be a spindle-driven lift table. If you cannot find it, ask us!

By lifting mechanism

Find your answer to lifting here, catalogued according to the type of transmission you need. From any type of scissor lift, whether hydraulic or electric, to a column lift to deal with large lifting distances, such as a service lift to carry loads to various levels. If you cannot find what you want, ask us!

Standard lift tables

Dynalserg standard lift tables are designed and produced to the most modern techniques, constantly updated, and following the current EU standards. Our own quality management system constantly guarantees a high standard of internal quality. Our production centre is certified to ISO 9001. A depot of the latest generation machinery allows for an efficient manufacturing process. The design department works with the most modern hardware and software modules and the latest updates. All standard lift tables are put through an exhaustive examination under EN 1570-1 before they are delivered.

Accessories for lift tables

Apart from the standard equipment, Dynalserg lift tables can be fitted with a broad range of accessories, improving their use and applications, simplifying handling and increasing safety and multipurpose qualities.