DYNALSERG, as a company devoted to the design, manufacture, development, marketing and assembly of lifting systems for production chains and warehousing/distribution, understands the importance of integrating a respect for the environment and its protection as essential factors in the development of its activities. For this reason, the company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and collaborating in environmental protection and the Management has established the following principles:

  • A commitment to compliance with the legal requirements applicable and other requirements that the organisation subscribes to, as well as their continuous updating.
  • Establishing continuous improvement as a basis for our activities, with the aim of reducing, as far as is possible, our environmental footprint. To ensure that our activity causes minimal harm to our environment.
  • Preventing pollution, to the degree that it is technically and economically viable, by reducing the waste, spillage and emissions resulting from our activities and any other impact that our activity may have on the environment.
  • Working jointly with our suppliers and subcontractors in order to improve their environmental actions, with the result of greater environmental efficiency in our work.
  • A commitment to open and cordial dialogue with the various administrative bodies, also with neighbours and other groups interested in our activities.
  • Providing adequate training and internal communication for our employees, so that they develop good environmental practices and thus feel themselves to be an integral part of environmental improvements in the company. Our management is committed to watching over the application of this policy and an annual review of its content, adapting it to the nature of DYNALSERG’s activities, general strategy and footprint.