Double crossover point.
Motorised double crossover point for pallet transport.

The crossover point is composed of rollers and chains lying in parallel to allow for a 90 degree turn and crossover from one conveyor to the other in the pallet transport system. It is an assembly designed for transferring pallets or containers, where they enter on the roller conveyor and leave on the chain conveyor, or vice versa, depending on the requirements of the logistical operations.

These conveyors can carry pallets with loads up to a maximum weight of 2,000 kg.

There is a fixed chassis carrying a screwed down roller conveyor and another mobile chassis with a chain conveyor which lifts. When lifted it transmits movement to the chains and the shafts carried at the ends by means of eccentrics which make the mobile chassis lift vertically.

To achieve an exact stop for the move from rollers to chain there is a folding passive stop which works with the lifting movement.

There can be from 2 to 8 chain lines, depending on the characteristics of the load. It is suitable for pallets measuring 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm or 2 of 800 x 600 mm. Length 1400 mm on the roller side, 1100 mm on the chain side. It allows heights of transport on the chains from 450 to 1550 mm and on the rollers from 400 to 1500 mm.

Euro pallet crossover point.
View of the motorised crossover point for the transport of Euro pallets.
Half pallet crossover point
View of motorised crossover point for the transport of half pallets.
Technical details
Maximum admissible load weight2,000 kg
Chain lines2 to 3 lines for 1,000 and 1,500Kg
4 lines for 2 x half pallets.
2 to 8 lines for special containers
Transport base (mm)Euro pallet (800 or 1,000 x 1,200)
2 x Half-pallet (800 x 600)
Metal container
Length on the roller side1,400 mm
Length on the chain side1,100 mm
Transport height with chains450 / 1,550 mm
Transport height with rollers400 / 1,500 mm
Lifting run75 mm
Variable transport speeds0-25 m/min
Motor power (rollers/chains)0.55 / 1.8 kW
Lifting power0.75 to 1.5 kW
Lifting time2 to 4 s
Height adjustment± 50 mm
Power sourceGear motor group with/without brake
Working temperatureFrom -30 ̊C to +40 ̊C
Humidity70 to 85%
PaintRAL Table

The design, manufacture and assembly of the products are carried out according to European directives (2006/42/EC Directive on Machinery, 73/23/EEC and standard UNE-EN 619 Continuous handling equipment and systems).