Chain conveyor with turntable.
View of a chain conveyor installation with motorised turntable for the transport of containers.

The chain conveyor is an assembly of elements working in the transfer or transport of pallets or containers in a transverse or longitudinal direction towards the positions required by logistical operations. The movement is due to the load being dragged by chains, up to a maximum weight of 2,000 kg.

The conveyor is built of 2 to 8 steel sections (according to pallet or container) with pinions with bearings at their ends and the chain carries the transmission which is linked to the motor group.

The chains are supported on high technology plastic which reduces friction and, in consequence, reduces the power of the motor; the conveyors have two chains (profiles) on which the pallet rests and by which it is transported. When the load could suffer undue stress, an additional profile can be used. These conveyors can also be adapted for the transport of half pallets by using 4 profiles; in this way they can transport two half pallets at the same time.

The motor group is a structure fixed to the chain profiles, with rack and pinion drive and a motor shaft which transmits power to all the branches; all this with a reducer motor group.

Conveyor with four chains.
View of conveyor with four motorised chains for the transport of pallets.
Conveyor with two chains
View of a conveyor with two motorised chains for the transport of pallets.

The support system for the chain sections is in the form of struts between the profiles and adjustable legs, which are steel sections with plates for screw fixing and also have adjustments for levelling the conveyor.

These conveyors are suitable for pallets of 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm or 2 of 800 x 600 mm. The modular construction allows for lengths from 1000 to 6000 mm and transport heights from 450 to 1550 mm.

The supports for the stop sensor are on the table, located strategically for good adjustment and concealed so that they do not interfere with the load.

Euro pallet chain conveyor
View of the motorised chain conveyor for the transport of Euro pallets.
Chain conveyor for half pallets
View of the motorised chain conveyor for the transport of half pallets.
Technical details
Maximum admissible load weight2,000 kg
Chain profiles2 to 3 sections for 1,000 and 1,500 Kg
4 profiles for transport of 2 x half pallets.
2 to 8 profiles for special containers.
Transport base (mm)Euro Pallet (800 or 1,000 x 1,200)
2 x Half-Pallet (800 x 600)
Metal container
Lengths1,000 to 6,000 mm
Transport heights450 / 1,550 mm
Fixed/variable transport speeds8 / 0-25 m/min
Motor power0.37 / 1.8 kW
Height adjustment± 50 mm
OperationGear motor group without brake
Working temperatureFrom -30 ̊C to +40 ̊
Humidity70 à 85%
Chain sectionsSquare steel tubing
PaintRAL Table

The design, manufacture and assembly of the products are carried out according to European directives (2006/42/EC Directive on Machinery, 73/23/EEC and standard UNE-EN 619 Continuous handling equipment and systems).