Conveyor installation.
Installation with two parallel roller conveyors, one of them powered.
Dynalserg, an enterprise working in the technology of lifting and maintenance systems, is also active in transport systems for pallets and containers with heavy loads; for this purpose there is machinery for internal logistics and distribution in industrial plants.

In the maintenance sector we are constantly innovating to give our clients better service. The materials selected (aluminium, steel, motors, plastics, etc.) and simplified designs make us very competitive and increase the useful life of our products.

Roller conveyor.
Roller conveyor.
The products are grouped into families. “EP” is for standard Euro pallets of 800 or 1,000 x 1,200 mm in wood or plastic, “MP” for standard half pallets of 800 x 600 mm and lastly “CM” for standardised metal containers. These units of load are designed for conveyors up to 2,000Kg. The design is aesthetic and very strong. All the conveyors are modular and easy to combine, thus offering the best adaptation to your premises.

These conveyors are secured to the floor or to a platform or wooden flooring by anchorages or screws; to ensure good levelling the system allows adjustments of ±50 mm. All the products have an alternating current gear motor to provide power to each of the shafts in the system. The power is variable, depending on speed and the weight of the load to be moved.

For tall and unstable loads it is recommended to use motors controlled by frequency converter and brakes are fitted on the transfers, lifts, launchers and trucks. In pedestrian passages and picking areas, for safety, our conveyors are fitted with brakes.

Company homologated for industrial sectors such as the food, metallurgical, chemical and textile industries, etc. Our conveyor systems are prepared for all kinds of atmospheres, from 40°C to – 30°C in temperature and relative humidity up to 85%.

We are pioneers in transport systems with finishes in stainless or galvanised steel for the food industry. We also do installations for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres ATEX.

Roller conveyor turntable.
View of the roller conveyor and roller turntable.
Detail of roller conveyor.
View of detail of the roller conveyor and connection with the turntable.

The design, manufacture and assembly of the products are carried out according to European directives (2006/42/EC Directive on Machinery, 73/23/EEC and standard UNE-EN 619 Continuous handling equipment and systems).


Chain conveyors

The chain conveyor is an assembly of elements working in the transfer or transport of pallets or containers in a transverse or longitudinal direction towards the positions required by logistical operations.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are used for the transport of pallets or filled containers.

Crossover point

The crossover unit is composed of rollers and chains lying in parallel to allow for a 90 degree turn and crossover from one conveyor to the other in the pallet transport system.

Conveyor turntable

The conveyor turntable is used to turn the load through an angle of 90° to 180°, the transport system being either rollers or chains.

Transfer from rollers or chains with a turn

An assembly designed for the transfer of pallets or containers by turning them through 90° to 180° between non-aligned conveyors.